My adoption center endeavor

So…I recently picked up a crocheting habit. And I recently went to Comic-Con. Sooo…I put these two occurrences together and got something like this:


I made a lil’ man of steel and a caped crusader.


Along with Aquaman and the Green Lantern


Of course Tony Stark wouldn’t be too happy unless at least one lovely lady named Chun Li was around.


The Hulk and Dr. Manhattan teamed up to wreak uh…strange colored-skin havoc?


A Mario mushroom and a soot ball joined in on the fun too.

And of course wolverine made an appearance too.

The thing is that I like to crochet, but I’m not really the type to keep stuffed toys around. So what’d I do with with these little superheroes? I set up a specific crochet e-mail account and a twitter account, scattered them around San Diego Comic Con with little adoption cards tied onto them, and waited to see who would be taken home. 🙂 I don’t have any good photos of where I left them (I couldn’t hang around too long to take pictures, because it’d be too obvious that I’d left a lil’ buddy behind), but here’s the adoption tally:

Confirmed adoptions via twitter or email:

  • Aquaman (first one to be adopted! Woohoo!) – going home to a couple in California
  • Superman – going home to a girl in California
  • Chun-Li – going home to a girl in Tijuana, Mexico (my first international adoption!)
  • Ironman – going home to a girl in Dallas, TX
  • Hulk – going home to a guy in Minnesota
  • Batman – going home to a guy in California

Witnessed adoptions (as in I saw someone take the lil’ buddy from their hiding spot, but never got an e-mail or a tweet about it):

  • Wolverine

Unknown status (didn’t witness the adoption, didn’t get an e-mail or a tweet):

  • Mario mushroom UPDATE 9/13/11: Found in California!
  • Soot ball
  • Dr. Manhattan UPDATE: Found in California! See the above post! 🙂
  • Green Lantern

For the lil’ buddies with an unknown status, I’ll have to assume that they may have gone the way of the trash can. 😦 Otherwise, I hope they’re in good hands somewhere. 🙂

Not to pick favorites, but Aquaman’s parents were AWESOME. They sent me pictures of Aquaman everywhere they went, my favorite being this one:

aquaman adoption 6

Superman and Aquaman, just hangin’.

They went for dinner and had Superman as their waiter, and got him to pose for a photo with lil’ Aquaman nestled in his pocket! Greatest post-adoption photo EVAR. 🙂

It was a lot of fun to see where the little critters would go, and it was even more fun to see the responses I got. I was pretty surprised at how quickly most of them got adopted. I’d leave the lil’ buddy somewhere, snap a crappy phone camera photo, and walk away, and I’d see people walking up to the lil’ buddy within seconds. I guess that means I wasn’t stealthy enough with the drop-off portion, haha. A lot of the adoptions were fun to watch (out of the ones that I witnessed), because there’d be a certain pattern: one curious passerby would spot the little buddy, they’d read the adoption card, read it AGAIN as if to make sure that it REALLY was being given away for free, before they decide to take the little buddy from their post. 🙂 I’d definitely do this again, if not for the crochet practice, then at least to see the great reactions from people who get to keep my little critters! Maybe I’ll try to continue this trend locally here in Houston…I could be some sort of crochet ninja, haha. Otherwise, if you or anyone you know happened to claim the soot ball, Dr. Manhattan, the Mario mushroom, or the Green Lantern, please let them know that their birth momma would like to know that they’re safe and sound, and not in a trash compactor somewhere, haha.


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