Showin’ some crochet love

Here in my hometown of Houston, food trucks (aside from the multitudes of taco trucks) are a relatively new phenomenon (yeah yeah, I know all you NY and LA people are snickering away). Regardless, one way or another I’m pretty damn happy that they’ve caught on, and I’ve already found quite a few gems around town that fill me (literally) with deliciousness and happiness. 🙂 Cue Eatsie Boys, by far one of my favorite trucks so far.

Photo credit: Eatsie Boys facebook page

The food’s fresh, local, and freakin’ delicious. They started off serving some AWESOME savory dishes (my fave was the “pork snuggies”: slow-cooked Harrison Hog Farms pork belly, homemade pickles, green onions, homemade hoisin on steamed, pillowy buns = NOM NOM NOM)…then when the Texas heat got to be too much, they moved on to serving ice cream, which was just as awesome (“Makers Mark Some Noise + Golden Grahams”: vanilla spiked with Maker’s Mark, studded with Golden Grahams, and MOAR NOM NOM NOM). After stalking this truck for several months and trying just about everything on the menu, something had to be done. I decided to bring their mascot to life.


Left: Original Eatsie Boys logo. Right: My own yarn rendition

I crocheted a little eggman, complete with removable ice cream cone (gotta keep him seasonal if they bring back the pork snuggies, right?), and set out to give the dudes at Eatsie Boys this lil’ token of appreciation. Because dammit, they’ve fed me enough awesomeness that they deserve some thanks. I sent them a tweet with a photo of the lil’ guy, and a few hours later I was at their truck window with the little eggman in hand. When I brought him out, the guy at the window immediately exclaimed “Oh my god, that’s YOU!!” Woohoo! My little eggman was finally home! We exchanged high fives, had a good chat, and of course I enjoyed some ice cream while I was at it (this time around I got “Slow and Low Sweet Potato Marshmallow”…and it is every bit as delicious as it sounds). I got to satisfy my sweet tooth, showed some appreciation to one of my favorite local businesses, and now my little eggman was where he belonged: happily perched in the window of the Eatsie Boys truck.

Home sweet home!

Last time I visited the truck, the lil’ dude wasn’t at his post in the window, but the guy informed me that he’s actually been hanging out in their tip jar, workin’ it for tips. Not only does the little guy have a home, but he’s got a job too! *Sniff*…I’m so proud. In all seriousness though, if any of you are in the Houston area, definitely check these guys out. They’re a fun bunch of hard-working dudes (I’ve joked that the owner is like the Ryan Seacrest of the Houston food scene), and their food is well worth tracking down the truck for. Eat, drink, and be merry, my friends!

Eatsie Boys info: find them on facebook, twitter, or at their webpage.


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