Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, folks! This year I thought I’d leave a couple of treats around town:

Meet the original bloodsucker, Nosferatu (pffft…Edward Cullen can crawl back into his sparkly little world)

And say hello to a gentlemanly Mr. Skeleton Head!

Both have been dropped off for adoption! Just waiting on responses back!


Hopefully I’ll hear back on both of them…I’d hate to think of either one of them ending up in a trash can somewhere.

Hopefully they’ll be partying it up tonight! Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!

Late night update: It’s 1:25 am right now, and still no word on either lil’ Nosferatu or Mr. Skeleton Head! Hoping they won’t go into the “lost” files!

Credit: If you’d like to make your own Nosferatu or Mr. Skeleton Head, they’re both from Creepy Cute by Christen Haden!


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

    • geekyhooker says:

      Thanks dearie! Haven’t heard back on either one, though, and it’s been about an hour. Getting a little nervous! (most of my Comic-Con buddies had near-instant responses!)

    • geekyhooker says:

      Thanks! I hope so too! I go into my adoptions expecting the worst (they get thrown out by cleaning staff or get lost somewhere), but I always hope they end up with good homes! 🙂

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