Going once, going twice…

I haven’t heard back on either Nosferatu or Mr. Skeleton Head, so unfortunately it looks like they’ve been added to the lost but not forgotten list! If you or anyone you know has either one of these lil’ critters, PLEASE let me know that they’ve got good homes! I’d like to know that they’re safe and sound. 🙂

Looks like I’m going to have to put some more thought into where I drop any future adoptees. I quickly learned that I had a good turnover rate at San Diego Comic-Con (9 out of 11!) because it was a unique setting. First off, there’s a lot more foot traffic, so there’s a higher likelihood that someone will spot the critter. Then there’s the fact that there aren’t as many cleaning staff members going around, aside from people vacuuming and emptying trash cans and the such, so there’s not as much of a chance of having a lil’ dude getting swept off a table. Finally, the people at conventions are simply more likely to take up a lil’ crocheted dude compared to someone casually going about their normal daily lives. I’ve already determined that food service locales aren’t really a good spot for leaving adoptees, since busboys are pretty much trained to indiscriminately clear everything off the table, unless it’s something of high value. Lil’ crochet doll = not considered of high monetary value. Either way, now that I’ve learned a little from this adoption round, it means I’ve got some ideas for any adoptees that I drop off in the future! My noggin is ticking with ideas…hopefully I’ll have more successful drops in the future! 🙂


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