A LOOOONG while back, one of my friends had asked me to crochet Kon from Bleach for him, after seeing the “full sized” Kon that I made for my boyfriend:


As much as I’d love to make another full-sized one for him, this dude took me over a month to make, AND I didn’t really remember how I made certain parts (ex. the snout), so I compromised and said I could make him a mini-Kon instead. Life got busy, and his Kon got pushed onto the backburner, BUUUUUT….months later, lil’ Kon came to life!

Naked Kon!

And he came with some clothing too. Because public nudity is just plain indecent.

Shinigami Kon!

Say hello to the newest member of squad 6!

Now my buddy can keep a mischievous stuffed lion in the palm of his hand. He just needs to keep the little dude away from pretty girls. Otherwise he might end up with a few slaps. Or lawsuits. 😛


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