Uh oh.

So I’m sure most of you have noticed that pretty much all of my lil’ critters have these lil’ beady eyes:

Yessss…..gaze into those beady lil’ eyes!!

Those eyes are made possible by little plastic safety eyes like these:

The black part is inserted into the weaving of the crochet work, and then a washer is snapped on so that it’ll fasten the eye in place. It makes them pretty much impossible to pry off once the washers have been snapped on. So logically, 2 eyes = 2 washers to go with them.

Perfectly paired!

Sooo…imagine the “oh crap” moment I had when I recently opened up my crochet box o’ love (ok, so I don’t REALLY call it that, but just humor me here) and found this:

So I’ve got 2 washers left. No problem, that just means that I’m running down to the last of my eye supply. Two washers mean I should have two – WHERE ARE THE EYES? This is the part that worries me. Most likely I’ve misplaced the corresponding eyes, and they’re rolling around somewhere in the apartment. The scenario I’d rather not think about is that somewhere there’s a critter with UNFASTENED eyes. I’ve checked all the critters that I’ve kept for myself, and all of their eyes are tightly attached, so if that’s the case, then it’d have to be on one of my critters at large. 😦 So uh…if anyone out there is in possession of one of my critters, DON’T PULL THE EYES OUT. I can’t imagine anyone doing this deliberately, but I’m throwing it out there anyway. Don’t yank ’em out…at least not until I’ve located the lost eyes. Then you can yank to your heart’s content (minds out of the gutters, everyone).


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