ATTENTION: Who do you want to adopt at Comic-Con?

*Ahem*…just had to gloat for a second here: GUESS WHO’S GOING TO SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON?!?!?!? YEEEEEAH!!!

Last year was my first time going SDCC, and it was also the beginnings of my adoption endeavors. I dropped off a total of 11 little superheroes, and had a GREAT turnover rate with 9 being adopted out of 11. I’m still not sure what happened to The Green Lantern or the soot ball, but either way, it was the first and most successful series of adoption drops that I’ve done thus far, and I TOTALLY plan on doing it again.

The final yearbook photo before they were all sent off to Comic-Con (Domo-kun didn’t go…I decided to keep him at the last minute!)

Just a recap of who I dropped off last year:


Superman and Batman


Aquaman and Green Lantern


Chun-Li and Ironman


The Hulk and Dr. Manhattan


Mario mushroom and soot ball from Totoro/Spirited Away


Out of the 11 critters, 8 had confirmed adoptions, and Wolverine’s adoption was witnessed (I saw someone take him from his hiding spot), but I never received a confirmation email/tweet. Either way, it was a little experiment that started out as a shot in a dark (I honestly thought most of my critters were going to end up lost forever), and ended up with far more rewarding results than I could have imagined. Which is why I’ll be doing it all over again this year. 🙂 So, my question to all of my dear fellow geeks: who would you like to see at Comic-Con this year? Who should I repeat, and moreover, who are some new critters that I should add to this year’s army of drop-offs? Sound off in the comments!

Who do you want to adopt at Comic-Con?


2 thoughts on “ATTENTION: Who do you want to adopt at Comic-Con?

    • geekyhooker says:

      Oooh, Joker and Harley are good ones! I thought about Lex Luthor last year, but I couldn’t think of how to make him look like Lex and not some generic bald dude in a suit. 🙂

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