Putting down the hooks for a moment

Back in November, I bought a shiny new toy to help do some drawings for a family cookbook.

It was just easier to do some drawings this way instead of drawing on paper,  then scanning into my crappy scanner, only to find that my crappy scanner would ruin any details or colors that I’d put in even at the highest quality scans. After I finished with those drawings, my new toy was put on the shelf and collected dust. Even signing up for The Sketchbook Project resulted in a bunch of uninspired, half-assed drawings that I scribbled down just to get the thing turned in on time. Recently, I started joining the masses of people with touchscreen phones and played Draw Something like a maniac. I also happened to start plowing through episode after episode of Downton Abbey…pair the two new obsessions together, and I’ve got an excuse to bust out the tablet to digi-draw some pretty costumes. 🙂

Business zombie overseeing the operation.

And with my handy-dandy new toy, and the help of Photoshop, I ended up with some digi-doodles.

They’re nothing to write home about (definitely need some practice), but it’s good to pick up the ol’ pen again for once. I guess it took a dumb iPhone app and a British period piece to trigger me to do it. 🙂 Oh, and if anyone wants to play Draw Something with me, my username is GeekyHooker. DOODLES GALORE!


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