Little monsters (not the Lady GaGa kind)

Last week, my friend Thomas proposed a trade. Thomas happens to be an awesome photographer. He also happens to like my lil’ critters. So he asked to swap a framed print for a critter or two. 🙂 How cool is that? After perusing through his photos, I decided to get a print of this photo:

Credit: Thomas Chen Photography (seriously guys, check it out!)

In return, I whipped up a few critters for him:

I made him a set of little monsters, by his request. 🙂

They invaded my home for a bit, before I caught them all.

Some weren’t so smart in their exploration.

Others were a little TOO smart.

And others were just “meh” about the whole home invasion idea.

But eventually I rounded them all up and they’ll soon be in the hands of a talented photographer. 🙂

These lil’ guys were so easy to make and so easy to customize. You can find the pattern here if you want to make your own little monsters…once you have the basic shape down, the sky’s the limit on these little guys! 🙂 Take good care of them, Thomas!

Thomas Chen Photography:
Little monsters pattern:


4 thoughts on “Little monsters (not the Lady GaGa kind)

  1. Opal @ Celebrate Life says:

    Aren’t those monsters adorable? You did a great job with your amigurumi monsters.
    This past weekend, I made one of them and will be making many more.
    I discovered your blog a few hours ago. I really like your site. 🙂

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