I’ve got two critters ready for Comic-Con this year. BEHOLD. THE HENCHMEN.

Henchman #21 and #24 are scheming…

…and subsequently getting chewed out by the boss. Oops.

Whether or not these guys are good henchmen is up for debate, but this is still my all-time favorite scene from the entire Venture Bros. series.

If only we could all get ready in such an epic fashion. 😀

Update: D’oh, looks like the video’s been taken down from youtube! You can find the clip here. Skip to the 1:25 mark if you just want to get straight to epic dress-up mode. 😀

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  1. Linda says:

    They are so fricking CUTE. I want them and I don’t even know their characters.

  2. I can’t believe how awesome those turned out. You can just hear them bickering about some ridiculous trivia tidbit about, say, the ‘Cannonball Run’ movies, or something equally inane…!

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