Batman returns!

Last year I made a little Batman, who was graciously picked up by a nice gentleman at San Diego Comic-Con. This year I made another one…here he is, brooding away as usual:

Batman: “I’ll get you, Joker. I’ll get you. With PAIN. AND JUSTICE.”

Since he looked a little lonely, I thought I’d make him a little friend too.

Batman: “Oh holy shit.”

That’s two more critters in the books to be dropped off at Comic-Con! Maybe they’ll run into each other out there in San Diego post-dropoff…I guess I’ll have to find out in July. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Batman returns!

  1. Justin "TTTWLAM" Davis says:

    Those are absolutely, fantastically awesome.

    (And while it’s off-topic…can you make a tapir, too?)

    –Justin “TTTWLAM” Davis

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