Critter roundup: Round 1

Alright guys, here’s what I’ve dropped so far and their statuses:

  • Leonardo – Taken, confirmed, new home in Denton, TX! (Texas REPRESENT!)
  • Direwolf – Taken, unconfirmed, unknown home
  • Hulk – Taken, unconfirmed, unknown home
  • Baratheon Stag – Taken, confirmed, new home Toronto, Canada! (another international adoption for the books!)
  • Joker – Taken, confirmed, new home in San Diego, CA!
  • Batman – Taken, unconfirmed, unknown home (Update: Batman’s been confirmed! New home is in San Antonio, TX)

Aaaaand the henchmen have been taken! They better learn to like the taste of maple syrup and learn the rules to hockey, because their new home will also be in Canada (just kidding about the maple syrup and hockey…maybe). I honestly didn’t think people would be able to find me in this massive crowd, but the uber-awesome Hilary Leung has some awesome friends who helped him find the Baratheon stag, and then they later randomly spotted me and went even further out of their way to stop me in the street (in a non-creepy way, I swear!) to say hi! Adoption awesomeness, I tell you. 🙂

At any rate, if you or someone you know has the direwolf, the Hulk, or Batman, please let me know! I’d hate to file them away into the “lost files.” That would make me a sad hooker.

I’ll be dropping more critters tomorrow, but I plan on being at panels all day, so your best bet for grabbing a critter will likely be early in the morning before 10 am, probably around the Hall H lines. Most likely I’ll get bored and wander off to drop a few critters while I wait. And with that, I’m turning in for the night. G’nite folks!


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