Critter roundup: Round 2

Booking a hotel late in the game results in getting a crappy hotel. Getting a crappy hotel means getting a crappy-to-nonexistent Internet connection. Crappy-to-nonexistent Internet connection means I have to resort to “writing” this post on my phone, while connected to my phone’s data plan. In short, I’m asking for forgiveness for any horrendous formatting/spelling/autocorrect mishaps that may come. You have been warned.

At any rate, today I dropped 3 critters, but haven’t heard back on any of them yet!

  • Lannister lion – Taken, unconfirmed, unknown home
  • Iron man – Taken, unconfirmed, unknown home
  • Taragyen dragon – Taken, unconfirmed, unknown home

If you or anyone you know has these, please let me know that your new buddy is safe and sound!

On brighter note, little Batman’s adoption has been confirmed by a lovely lass from San Antonio, TX! I’m obviously biased, but I always feel a small wave of glee whenever I see a Texan adoption outside of Texas. 🙂

Anyway, I’m gonna turn in early tonight…didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night to get in line FIVE HOURS early for the panels this morning. Which was TOTALLY worth the sleep deprivation, I should add. Anywho, I’ve got 5 critters left, and tomorrow’s my last day for drops! I don’t have any set plans tomorrow, so the remaining critters will pretty much be a big random dropfest! Stay tuned tomorrow for the final critter drops at Comic-Con!


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