Well, here’s another one to file under the “FAIL” category. When I dropped my last critter at Comic-Con, I went back through my dropoff photos and something about the overall roundup didn’t seem right. I thought I miscounted the number of critters I had, but I figured I’d had a long week and my brain had turned to mush after going through an epic geeky overload. Then I came home to this:

I FORGOT WOLVERINE. I’M SO SORRY, LITTLE LOGAN. Buuut, I guess that means my dear Houstonians will get a home court advantage. Since I’m sure lil’ Wolverine is pretty pissed at me, I’ll need to get him out of my apartment before he destroys something. So I’ll be leaving him out for adoption whenever I get a chance! Otherwise, I’m still waiting to hear back on the following critters:

  • Lannister Lion
  • Stark Direwolf
  • Targaryen Dragon
  • The Hulk
  • Bob-omb
  • Iron Man

If you or someone you know has these lil’ dudes, let me know they’re safe and sound! Recap of Comic-Con to come soon!


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