Finally Comic-Con critter tally!

At Comic-Con I brought with me 14 13 critters and a pair of henchmen. Here’s what happened to them:

Baratheon stag – going to a new home in Toronto, Canada. That’s another international adoption in the books for me! I can officially claim that I’ve got critters all through North America. 🙂

Henchmen – They’ll be bickering over obscure movie references in their new home in Toronto, Canada. They’ll be hanging out with the stag!

Joker – he’ll be terrorizing his new home in San Diego, CA!

Batman – he’ll be doling out plenty of PAIN AND JUSTICE in his new home in San Antonio, TX.

Captain America – he’ll be avenging the American way in his new home in Los Angeles, CA

Spock – he’s been beamed right to my own backyard here in Houston, TX!

Chun-Li – handed off to the lovely Michele Boyd of Team Unicorn fame. 🙂

Leonardo – he’ll be fighting off foot soldiers and eating lots of pizza out in Denton, TX

Wolverine – I had a big FAIL moment and realized I forgot to take little Wolverine along with me to San Diego, so I dropped him off at a local coffeeshop here in Houston. He was successfully picked up!

I’ve updated the adoption gallery and adoption map accordingly, so check them out! So far it looks like most of the the critters that I dropped off in San Diego seem to have a preference for either west coast sunshine or Texan beer and barbecue. I’m obviously biased towards the beer ‘n barbecue. 😀 Still awaiting responses on:

Stark Direwolf
Targaryen dragon
Lannister lion
The Hulk
Iron Man

I’m hoping to hear back soon, and I’m hoping to see some more locations! I’d crack up if the Direwolf ended up somewhere in Canada or Alaska. Somewhere where winter comes and just kinda stays. 😀


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