Happy National Coffee Day!

Happy National Coffee Day, everyone! I’ll confess I actually had no clue this even existed until I read about it yesterday, but dammit, I’ll take any excuse to celebrate the existence of this sweet, sweet, nectar of the gods.

No, business zombie, you can NOT haz coffee.

I’ve been on a one-cup-a-day habit since high school, starting out with the occasional sugary sweet Frappucino at Starbucks, then moving on to pouring my own daily cup of joe in the mornings (but still loaded with sugar and cream), and slowly learning to appreciate the rich and subtle flavors that coffee has to offer over time. I’m far from being a coffee buff (Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee? Tanzania beans? I don’t know, just pour me a cup), but nowadays my cup of choice is a good flat white from Revival Market or a cortado from Catalina Coffee. Smooth, no need for sugar, and strong enough to get me wired for the rest of the day. So, my dear readers, how do you take your coffee?


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