“Game unplugged. Please help.”

For anyone who’s seen Wreck-It Ralph, we all remember (spoiler but not really a spoiler!) the sad story of Q*bert.

Qbert unpluggedWe find poor Q*bert without a game and looking for help. He tried other jobs:

Qbert tree

He didn’t do so well as a Christmas tree ornament. He just kept hopping his way up and down the tree.

Qbert sink

And it was kinda hard for him to be a dishwasher if he didn’t have any arms.

qbert game

The good news for little Q*bert is that there’s still plenty of people who still love the same games that we played long ago to keep them alive and kickin’. 🙂

My confession: I’d actually never played Q*bert until after seeing Wreck-It Ralph! I spotted a Q*bert console at an arcade, put in some tokens…and promptly failed the first level. WTF. It’s alright, I’ve always been more of a fan of Rampage anyway (random destruction FTW!). And so I ask all of you: what are some of your favorite vintage video games?


6 thoughts on ““Game unplugged. Please help.”

  1. Justin S. Davis says:

    “Vintage”, you say? Bah! I’ll have you know that today’s “vintage” machines were brand spankin’ new when I was haunting arcades as a wee one in the glorious early ’80s. I was there, MAAAAAANNNNNN!!!

    I’ve got a bevy of favorite games, including: Pengo, Crystal Castles, Q*Bert, Burgertime, Mario Bros., Super Pac-Man, Crossbow, Marble Madness, Spy Hunter…and, yes, Rampage!

    I also played a ton of Rastan, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, WWF Superstar, and Smash TV as a teenager. God bless bowling alleys and Stop-N-Gos, for carrying on after the arcades died off.

    And since you’re a local, you have to know about Joystix and the annual Arcade Expo. They keep the great games alive.

    • Geeky Hooker says:

      Holy crap, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, ha! And YES to Joystix. The first time I went I was like “You mean I can have my booze AND my video games?? WUT.” Which reminds me that I need to take a Friday night off soon to go back. 😀

  2. Justin S. Davis says:

    Oh, holy crap! I forgot my absolute favorite game of all: ZOOKEEPER!!!

    It was the very first game I remember playing, at a Kroger grocery.

    (And big ups to Joust, which eventually replaced Zookeeper at that very same store.)

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