A gift that’s meant to be broken

My dear friend Linda loves penguins. She also loves the color purple. So when I first started crocheting 2 years ago, one of the first things I made was a little purple penguin for her:

IMG_9464 edit

Unfortunately, some assholes decided to steal her car this year. And they took her little penguin with it.

So I struck back at the assholes by making her a new penguin for Christmas.

new penguin

But I also added a little something extra:

full egg

“Crack me open to see what’s inside!”

cracked egg 2 edit


Her penguin has a tiny new friend!

penguin pair

Very tiny indeed:

tiny penguin

These little surprise eggs were so easy to make. And so fun to watch people crack them open.

double egg

trooper egg

So THAT’s where stormtroopers come from.

I’ve written up a short tutorial for these little eggs at instructables.com. I wasn’t able to post this earlier because I couldn’t spoil Linda’s Christmas gift surprise (ah, the perils of holiday craft blogging), but if you need a REALLY last minute gift idea, give these a try! Or heck, screw the holidays and just make ’em for fun. Who doesn’t love getting a fun surprise now and then? Otherwise, everyone have a happy and safe Christmas eve today and a merry Christmas tomorrow!

Post egg-cracking photo of tiny penguin is by Linda! Because I obviously couldn’t get a post-cracking photo before giving it to her. 😉
Pattern for big penguin found via Lion Brand Yarn (registration required, but it’s free!).

Pattern for tiny penguin found here, but I used half strands of yarn and a C-sized hook.


2 thoughts on “A gift that’s meant to be broken

  1. Linda says:

    am so proud that one of my pics is good enough for your blog. for realz. to hang with the other darling photos!

    thank you for my penguins! I have the baby in the egg on my mantel right now.

    • Geeky Hooker says:

      Oh snap, just noticed I never credited you for that photo! I’ve fixed it now. And oh my goodness, you kept the egg with the baby! So glad the packaging gets a place of honor on your mantle too! 🙂

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