“This DOES compute!”

My friend Katie does some pretty awesome stuff with a needle, thread, and some felt.


My hands hurt just THINKING about how much work must have gone into this one.

A while back, she asked me if I was interested in doing an art trade. We listed off each other’s geeky interests, and based on those interests, we sent each other a surprise item! Here was the hefty list I sent her:

Video games: Zelda, Katamari Damacy, Super Mario Bros
Movies: My boyfriend’s a Star Wars fanatic. I’m particularly fond of Tarantino movies (Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs are my favorite). Also love Monty Python & the Holy Grail, This is Spinal Tap, and my absolute favorite movie is Amelie, but that’s more French than nerdy, haha.
TV: Adventure Time! And lately I’ve been religiously keeping up with Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. And I LOVE Downton Abbey, but I think that’s kinda straying from the nerdy category, haha.

Last week I posted about how I sent her a little crocheted Frida Kahlo. Shortly after I sent out her little Frida, I received this in the mail:


It’s BMO! The crazy little hand-held video game console that also serves as a video player, a camera, a detective (see “BMO Noire“), and well…he/she/it’s just a helpful little thing. I love it!


I love that she took my interests in video games and Adventure Time and put them into one awesome piece.



She even threw in this sweet little flower ring!


It’ll go perfectly with my Bat-Finn and Robin-Jake!

You can find more of Katie’s awesome work at her blog, or you can contact her for commissions at kt.cowden [at] gmail.com. Hooray art trades!

Katie Cowden, Textile Artist

Blog: http://katiemakesart.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KatieCowdenTextileArtist
Twitter: @katietakesfotos
E-mail: kt.cowden [at] gmail.com


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