DIY fun FTW!

So a few weeks ago I got a shiny new iPhone case:

case box

And because I like to make things difficult for myself, it wasn’t any regular store-bought, ready-to-put-on-your-phone kind of case.


It’s a super fun DIY cross stitch case! Because one does not simply put a case on a phone.

Tell it, Boromir.

And after some crazy stitching action, I had a finished product.


Poor little T-Rex. He’s king of the dinosaurs and yet there’s only so much he can do. It’s a fun case, and there’s obviously infinite possibilities for what you can do with this. But it’s not perfect.


It doesn’t make a perfect seal with the top or bottom of the phone, so it might still collect junk from the elements into those little crevices. And there’s also the obvious concern with keeping it clean with all those little grooves in the back with the cross stitching grid.


The white case also seems to turn grey pretty easily. The case on the left is an extra case I bought and kept it on my phone as a placeholder while I was working on the case on the right. Just a few weeks of keeping it in my pockets already distorted the color a bit. I also wear blue scrubs to work, so I’m thinking the blue fabric might have had an effect too.

But other than that, it’s a SUPER fun case and I’m already thinking of fun pixel art I could stitch onto my other case! Might have to invest in other colors that won’t get dirty so easily though.

selfieI bought the case from Connect Design. It ships in from Korea, so it takes about 2 weeks for them to arrive in the US, but they’re totally worth the wait!


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