To infinite, and beyond!

So a couple of weeks ago I signed up for the Infinite Scroll project by Art House Co-op. It was free, and it seemed like fun…they give you a template, you draw something having to do with outer space, and your drawing will be connected with a series of other people’s drawings into one crazy collective space scroll. So yesterday I came back from a late shift at work, and was playing an intense game of Plants vs. Zombies (I’m SUCH a productive member of society, I know), when I thought “Oh hey, I should probably start on that space scroll thingie.” I check my e-mail for the template, and OH CRAP IT’S DUE TOMORROW. Soooo…as a last minute drawing, I came up with this:


It’s a big, geeky universe.

Did I stay up wayyy later than I needed to to throw this together? Probably. But you know what? It’s nothing stellar, but I’d say it turned out pretty okay for a last-minute art project. And to think I thought I was done with all-nighters after I graduated from school. 😛


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