No, little fishie, you can NOT have any ham.

My friend Celina and I share many interests, one of which is Miyazaki films. However, there’s one particular movie that we’ve agreed to disagree on:

What the hell, I didn’t remember Matt Damon being part of the English cast?

She loves Ponyo. I don’t. Did I miss something? I was REALLY excited to see it when it was released. It had a rating of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. Roger Ebert gave it 4 stars. I was ready to be thrilled by another adventure through fantastical worlds and quirky little creatures that only Hayao Miyazaki could conjure. Instead I sat through 1.5 hours of a little girl shrieking “HAM!!” (it got old really fast) and watched a mother give Honey Boo Boo’s mom a run for her money for parent of the year by nonchalantly abandoning two 5 year-olds in a dangerous flood (“You’re a big boy now! Buh-bye!”). WTF? Miyazaki films tend to have their eccentric moments, but usually it’s all those little oddities that make them so endearing. This one was just BIZARRE. And what the hell was going on in that one scene with the baby? I couldn’t find the clip to show to everyone, but for anyone who’s seen the movie…you know the one I’m talking about. Face. Assaulted.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from making a little Ponyo. Because Celina rocks that much. 😀



ponyo bucket

Ponyo, hanging out in her little green bucket. Before she goes into that awkward in-between frog-fish-human hybrid mode as she morphs into girl-Ponyo.

Ponyo ramen


Never did understand that obsession with the ham. The kid hasn’t even tried bacon yet. That shit will change your life. Nevertheless, I can say I’ve got another Miyazaki critter under my belt!

Ponyo adapted from the free pattern by Anne Gee White!


9 thoughts on “No, little fishie, you can NOT have any ham.

  1. Celina says:

    I do agree that it isn’t his best work, but I do think it was beautifully done and it’s in good respect of his earlier work. Keep in mind, in my Neighbor Totoro, the two main girls would not stop screaming either.
    And “never understood that obsession with the ham”? Come on! It’s HAAAMM!!

    • Geeky Hooker says:

      Man. I don’t know what it is…Mei’s shrieking in My Neighbor Totoro was cute, but Ponyo’s was just nerve-grating. Wish I could explain it, but I can’t. And dude, BACON. If Ponyo’s already that obsessed with ham, she’s gonna flip out when she tries bacon, haha.

  2. Madison Newberry says:

    Can you make a pattern for the adapted version? I have a ponyo cosplay, and I want this. But I have absolutely no idea how you got this from the original pattern!

    • Geeky Hooker says:

      Hello! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I’ve been out of the country for the past week! Lemme try to dig up my notes…I think I pretty much winged it, but I’ll see if I wrote anything down!

    • Rachel❤️ says:

      I, too, was wondering if you happen to have the adapted pattern? It came out SO well!!! I love it 😀 and my friend recently asked for a ponyo plush and this is the best I’ve found. Would be super grateful for it if you happen to have it! :)❤️

  3. Lynn says:

    I love this so much and my daughter recently asked for a Ponyo. I prefer your Ponyo over the pattern you linked. Would it be possible to use your pattern? Thanks!

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