Comicpalooza: the recap!

Last week I made a long overdue visit to Comicpalooza for the first time. I’ve been meaning to go (it’s in my own backyard! It’s relatively inexpensive!), but something always came up before I got a chance. This year I finally got to go, and in short, it was pretty freakin’ awesome. To recap:

  • Saw Star Warz: Unscripted by Comedysportz. It’s Star Wars: A New Hope redone by an improv troupe. Children under 17 were told from the beginning to get out, so you knew this was going to be inappropriately fun. C-3PO became a hooker bot. Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru owned a smokeshop. Hilarity ensued.

That fuzzy pole with the nasty mop of hair on it? That’s Chewbacca.

  • Saw Sir Patrick Stewart’s panel. I could go on and on about what an amazing panel this was (he’s Captain Picard! he’s Professor X!), but I think I’d rather let everyone see for themselves why this panel ended up being so much more than I thought it would be:

Truly remarkable. My respect for this man has increased exponentially.

  • An extra bit of icing on the cake after that awesome panel: THERE WAS A MUSICAL TESLA COIL. PLAYING THE STAR TREK: TNG THEME. WHAT.

Performed by Arc Attack. My inner science geek kinda freaked out.

  • Saw “Bard Fiction” performed by the Classical Theatre Company, a Shakespearean version of the first 15 minutes of Pulp Fiction. I learned that “Does he look like a bitch?” translates to “Hath he the semblance of a harlot??”
  • CUTEST COSPLAY EVAR. BEHOLD: Little Joker and Little Hellboy!

Your parents are doing this right.

  • There was also a Khaleesi sighting:


This dude wasn’t “pretty white dress” Khaleesi. He wasn’t “dirty Dothraki” Khaleesi. He wasn’t even “just ate a raw horse heart” Khaleesi. He had to go with “scorched and naked with newborn dragons” Khaleesi. And it is AWESOME.

  • I didn’t go, but one of the events was “Mighty Morphin’ Salsa Dancing.” It was salsa lessons. Taught by none other than Walter E. Jones, the original Black Ranger. How random/awesome is that? Looking back, I should’ve gone, because how often do you get to say that you learned to dance from a freaking Power Ranger??
  • And of course I dropped a critter! I left behind a little Spock near where Sir Patrick Stewart’s panel was to be given (because Star Trek, duh).

IMG_2248Minutes later I got a message letting me know that he’d been found! SUCCESS! What’s even more awesome is that Spock’s new adopted parent chronicled the whole thing here. Check it out! ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION IN THE BOOKS! WOOHOO!

Needless to say, Comicpalooza was pretty freakin’ awesome. Don’t get me wrong, San Diego Comic-Con is a crazy geekfest of epic proportions, but you can’t deny that it’s overwhelmingly crowded, and you end up spending a huge chunk of your time waiting in line for stuff. You wait in line for hours (or overnight sometimes) for panels. You wait in line for over an hour just to buy something. You wait in line for the bathrooms. For Starbucks. And when you wait in line at Comic-Con, sometimes you don’t even get into whatever it was you were waiting for. But you wait in line at Comic-Con because you know it’s worth it, because you know that just about ANYWHERE you go at San Diego Comic-Con, there’s something ridiculously awesome going on. When it comes to smaller conventions, there’s virtually no lines (hooray!), but content will obviously be a little less star-studded than what you’d find at the larger ones. Comicpalooza had the perfect balance between great content and a good crowd. Lots of fun and quirky events (a POWER RANGER teaching dance lessons?), with just enough of a crowd to fuel the excitement, but not enough to be congested. The most impressive part to me is that this is only Comicpalooza’s 5th year in existence! If this is what they bring out for year 5, I can’t even imagine what will come in the future. Comicpalooza, you’ve won my geeky heart. I’ll definitely be back.


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