Talk about a rough first day on the job…

Mr. Spock will be reappearing at Comic-Con this year! And it looks like he’s got a new crewmember with him!

Spock + Redshirt - Bridge

Not sure who the new guy is, but I’m sure he’ll be a valuable member to the team of the Starship Enterprise.

Spock + Redshirt 1

And off they go to explore! To go where no man has gone before!

Spock + Redshirt 2

Err..hey, the SS Enterprise is looking a little unstable there. New guy, you might want to watch out–

Spock + Redshirt 3


Welp, so much for the new dude. The red shirt. I should’ve known. Either way, this little unfortunate guy will be up for grabs along with Mr. Spock at Comic-Con! The adoption lineup is slowing filling itself out! 🙂

Spock + redshirt

“A little help here? Anyone?”


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