Can’t find a critter? Try to win one!

So you’re diligently following my twitter and facebook, and you just can’t find any of my critters. Not too difficult to imagine, considering that there’s only 14 critters and oh, something over 130,000 in attendance at the con. BUT WAIT! There’s another way to get a critter! You just have to give a little bit of yourself. And by a “little bit,” I mean a pint.

Last week I got the following comment on one of my posts:

Love your little friends! Would you consider donating one to be used as a drawing prize at the Blood Drive? I am co-chair of the Comic-Con side of the Blood Drive at the booth in the Sails Pavilion. I think they are wonderful!!!

Whoa. WHOA. This…this sounds AWESOME. I was so incredibly short on time, and my hands were starting to hate me with a passion from all my nonstop crocheting, but I’m a glutton for punishment. I happily obliged to bust my already-busted hands and whipped up ANOTHER critter. Because dammit, I can’t say no to a good (literally) life-saving cause like this. So if a chance to win one of my critters will be incentive to get people to donate blood, then heck yeah I’ll contribute! Here’s the info:

The Blood Drive is open from 9:00 am–6:00 PM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and 10:00 AM–3:30 PM on Sunday. The Blood Drive is located inside the Omni Hotel, in the OMNI BALLROOM CDE (on the 4th floor) across the street from the Convention Center at the Fifth Avenue door. If you’re registering onsite at Comic-Con, please go to the Blood Drive booth near the Freebie Table in the Sails Pavilion, upstairs at the Convention Center.

Each donor will receive a goodie bag,. In addition, HBO will be providing True Blood t-shirts, rubber bracelets, bandages and water for donors.

People who give blood are also entered into daily drawings for fantastic prizes, which are donated by Comic-Con exhibitors. Winners are posted at the Blood Drive sign-up booth at 6:30 PM each day (4:00 PM on Sunday) in the Sails Pavilion.

And you can schedule an appointment ahead of time here.

If you donate blood, you have a chance at winning this little guy:

Mini chewie

Save a few lives, and enter to win a little wookiee! Can’t get much better than that. 🙂


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