Comic-Con critter roundup!

2013 yearbook photo (IMG_8347)

It’s interesting how this little scavenger hunt of mine has evolved. I started out two years ago randomly leaving 11 little critters with zero twitter followers (except for some friends and a lot of spam accounts), and I left all my critters out the open for anyone to find. The second time I did this my followers had grown (thanks to a retweet by the lovely Clare Grant!) to about 200+, and this time I had people actively looking! This year, my followers grew exponentially (HUGE thanks to Tony Kim for that!), and I had an overwhelming reaction to this year’s hunt! It’s been pretty surreal. And it’s been pretty freakin’ awesome. Here’s the final critter roundup, in order of how they were dropped:

1. Preview Night: Dropped the Hulk, he’ll be smashing around a home in Costa Mesa, CA!


2. Day 1: Dropped little Boo, he’ll haunting his new home in Los Angeles, CA!


3. Day 1: Dropped the 1-UP mushroom, it’ll be giving extra lives in LA!


4. Day 1: Dropped redshirt dude. He might be slightly decapitated, but at least he found a new home in North Hollywood, CA!


5. Day 1: Dropped Spock, he’s also going to LA!

spock 2

6. Day 2: Dropped Han Solo. He may have crash landed his Millennium Falcon in San Diego, but at least this scruffy nerf herder found a new home right where he crashed!


7. Day 2: Gave away Superman! A kind hunter @LastDayofWork was nice enough to help me out when my fiance was down on his luck on trying to get a ticket for the Hasbro booth. So as a thank-you for being so gracious to help us out, I let him pick a critter of his choice! No pics yet, but I can’t even begin to describe how freaking excited I am that Superman’s going to freakin’ ITALY! My first adoption outside of North America!

Man of Steel 3

Superman, awaiting his new adventures in Europe!

8. Day 2: Dropped Leia. She may have lost Alderaan, but she found a new home in Seattle!


9. Day 2: Dropped Chewie, the lil’ furball will be staying in LA!


10. Day 3: Dropped Domo, no report thus far on his new whereabouts. If you or someone you know has Domo, please check in!

11. Day 3: Dropped Batman, he’ll be coming back to Houston, TX! I should point out that the person who picked up Batman ALSO found a little Spock last year. DOUBLE ADOPTION. Whoa.

batman batman & spock

12. Day 3: Dropped Two-Face, he’ll be terrorizing living in San Francisco!


13. Day 3: Dropped Captain America, he’ll be going to Agua Dulce, CA!

captain captain hobbit

I also have to point that the picture of Captain America with Frodo is now probably one of my favorite post-adoption photos!

14. Day 3: Last drop – Totoro! He found a good home in Murrieta, CA!


I still can’t believe how great this year’s turnout was! I know it sounds cheezy, but seriously, all those big smiles in the photos I got…THAT’S why I still do this. There’s something incredibly rewarding about knowing that I made someone’s experience at Comic-Con that much more enjoyable. I also love seeing where my critters end up…it’s kind of a fun geographical experiment to me. So far they’ve all been in North America (and largely in California), but this year I’ve got my first European adoption! WORLD DOMINATION WILL BE MINE. In all seriousness though, I can’t thank everyone enough for making this such a great year for my critter drops. It’s all the geek love that makes it worth it for me.

Otherwise, just a few quick questions for everyone out there:

  1. How did you find out about my critters? From Reddit? Tony’s blog Or some other venue?
  2. If you found a critter, tell your story and send it to Tony at! He wants to hear all about it, and dangit, I’d love to know all your stories too. I just drop ’em, but I never know what goes on afterward!
  3. How did the videos work out vs. still photos? (this question is especially pertinent to those who have tried the hunts in the past) This was my first year posting videos thanks to Instagram’s new video capabilities – I felt like it’d be easier to show the scope of the critter’s location through a short video clip, but did you guys prefer the videos or did you prefer the challenge of a still photo and a vague location description?
  4. Did the hashtag #critterdrop help at all?
  5. Anything you’d like me to improve? Anything you’d like me to keep the same?

Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get to do this again next year! Until then, I’ll just have to keep dreaming of Comic-Con 2014.


6 thoughts on “Comic-Con critter roundup!

    • Geeky Hooker says:

      Some of them went RIDICULOUSLY fast, the point where I wondered if I was being followed, haha. I think I’ll have to be a little less specific about my locations to make things a little more challenging and more fair…totally underestimated how many people would be looking this year!

  1. Danielle J says:

    I second that! I am totally going to be hunting harder and quicker next year! My sister and I are now obsessed with those little crochet critters and I think she is trying to find her crochet hook to give it a whirl and try to make her own. With how awful my cell reception was at SDCC I would prefer photos due to the drain on my battery and lack of connection speed. I used #critterdrop when i couldn’t get twitter or instagram to properly refresh, I thought it helped but I didn’t find any critters either so meh. Thank you so much for doing this and making those critters, it was super fun to follow along and gave us something to do in the Hall Hell line.

    • Geeky Hooker says:

      Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t think about the battery drain issues involved with the videos, but I DID get at least one other person mentioning that they couldn’t get to the drop in time because the video couldn’t load. Good to know that the hashtag helped! It was my first time trying to use one of those. 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    i wasn’t going but i love the videos but see it as a battery drain. battery life is such a hot commodity during conferences. I love seeing your project grow, friend. so proud.

    • Geeky Hooker says:

      Ah true, true. I had an extra battery pack with me during the convention (because of previous battery drain nightmares), but I didn’t think about how much the instavideos would eat up power!

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