In an effort to prevent carpal tunnel…

So this probably isn’t what everyone wants to hear (especially after everything that’s happened at Comic-Con!), but I’m gonna take a break. Not a particularly long break – just a few weeks – but a break nonetheless. Because after a crocheting marathon like I did in the weeks leading up to Comic-Con, I think my hands could use some rest. Also, one of my hands hurts because I got into a fight with an elevator door while I was in San Diego, and the STUPID DOOR WON. I’LL GET YOU NEXT TIME.

Also, here’s another reason:


This is Finn. As you can see, poor Finn is a quadriplegic. He’s BEEN a quadriplegic for almost a year now. Last year I made a Finn and Jake for an art trade with Toygami, and I liked them so much that I wanted to make a pair for myself too. Life got busy, projects started piling up (I get LOTS of requests from friends for the holidays), and well…Finn STILL HAS NO ARMS OR LEGS. C’mon, that’s just cruel. So…I’m going to try to finish this lil’ dude up, because a year is an awfully long time to go without limbs.

And this:


This is supposed to be my college mascot, Bevo. My friend asked for this quite literally TWO YEARS ago. Uh…I think it’s time to get started on that.

So fear not, everyone. The crocheting posts will be back soon enough, and I’ve got plenty of new projects in mind! I’m just gonna give my hands a rest for now though. Ow.


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