Dye-ing to know…

So when I go on long crocheting marathons, I wear this hideously ugly “comfort glove.”


Lookit that skin-tone hawtness.

Yup. Pretty freakin’ ugly, and I never wear it if I’m crocheting out in public. I’ve been hoping to maybe dye it brown and paint a Triforce onto it so it’ll look something like one of Link’s bracers in the Legend of Zelda. So something like this, but on that ugly glove:

I don’t know the first thing about dyeing fabrics. The closest I found to trying something at home without blowing money on dyes that I won’t use again is something along the lines of boiling it with some coffee grounds, and that sounds HIGHLY iffy since I don’t know anything about how different fabrics react to boiling water. Here’s a shot of the care tag:

glove tag

WTF is “Med-a-likra”??

Anyone have experience in fabric dyeing? Any words of wisdom? Or if you just want to say hi and geek out over something, that’s cool too. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dye-ing to know…

      • Geeky Hooker says:

        It’s so ugly I feel dumb wearing it even when I’m home. By myself. Ick. I’ve been scared to mess with it because I don’t want to buy another one if I end up damaging it somehow! I’m sure that Med-a-likra is some premium shizzle. 😛

      • Kim says:

        You can do this stuff at home, just be safe. Follow the safety instructions from the manufacturer, but the most basic rules are: LOTS of ventilation, wear gloves, don’t use pots you cook food in (duh).

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