I don’t like sugar cookies. I appreciate that you can cut them into fun shapes and decorate them to your heart’s delight, but I’m very much a chocolate-chip/snickerdoodle kind of girl, so when I bake cookies, that’s what I stick with. But when I saw these crazy 3D dinosaur cookie cutters at ThinkGeek.com, I knew it was time to put aside my feelings about sugar cookies and BAKE ME SOME DELICIOUS DINOSAURS.

cookie cutters (IMG_8548)

cookie cutters 2 (IMG_8549)

So here’s what the cookie cutters look like. You bake cookies into the individual pieces, assemble, and then you end up with PREHISTORIC NOMS.

T-rex cookie (IMG_8585)

A completed T-Rex cookie, standing in all its glory.

T-rex cookie hand (IMG_8640)

Uh oh.

T-rex cookie bitten (IMG_8630)

OH NOOOOOOO. Feh, he was gonna go extinct one way or another.

And guess what? The cookies were tasty too! You can find the recipe I used here. I chose this recipe because it included hints of almond and lemon in the recipe, and it turned out SUPER tasty. I can imagine these being really good with some nutella or jam sandwiched between cookies. Maybe I’m finally coming around to this whole sugar cookie gig. The only setback I ran into with these cookie cutters is that you have to be careful not to roll the cookie dough too thickly, because then some of the pieces won’t fit together as well. Seems pretty obvious, but I don’t bake sugar cookies much, so I have a hard time rolling the dough out to the right thickness on a consistent basis.

star wars cookies (IMG_8608)

Since I still had plenty of dough left, I also baked some Star Wars cookies on the side. My fiance’s friend got him a set of Star Wars cookie cutters for him as a graduation gift a few years ago, and they’ve never been used until now. Can’t say enough good things about these cookie cutters. They’re easy to use, and they left perfect imprints on the cookies every time.

I’d say I had a pretty successful baking day! You win this round, sugar cookies. You can thank the dinosaurs for that. 😀


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