The Traveling Sister!

Still in withdrawal mode from New York City. Still craving the food. Blech. At any rate, since I did my critter drops, the girl who adopted the Sister of Plenitude from Doctor Who sent me a WHOLE BUNCHA PICTURES. And they were AWESOME.

Sister IMG_8773

The Sister of Plenitude’s pre-adoption “glamour shot.”

Sister 2Sister 1

Sister of Plenitude, ready to explore New York Comic Con!

Sister & sister

Oh snap, she found a fellow sister!

Sister head

She also found a nice resting spot. The resting spot appears unamused.

Sister 10th Doctor (solo)

She also ran into the 10th Doctor!

Sister & 10th doctor

Make that the 10th Doctor and his TARDIS.

Sister w: puppets

AND SHE FOUND THE CREATOR OF THE DOCTOR PUPPET SERIES! She had the 10th and 11th Doctor puppets with her! ERMAHGERD. If you haven’t seen the Doctor Puppet series, do yourself a favor and check them out. They’re adorable and there’s a certain charm and warmth to stop-motion videos that just doesn’t come through in an age of CGI.

I’ll be honest, out of the five critters I dropped off, I was actually concerned that people would be the least familiar with the little Sister of Plenitude (she didn’t look QUITE cat-like enough to me), but it was such a delightful surprise to see all these AWESOME photos that were sent with people who seemed to really embrace this little healer!

SUPER thanks to adopter Belinda for picking up the little sister, and letting her go on all sorts of adventures at New York Comic Con! 🙂


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