Hi! I’m not dead! Just uber-busy. Turns out they weren’t kidding when they say planning a wedding is practically a full time job in itself. Throw in the fact that I’m a stubborn DIY type and I end up creating a LOT more work for myself than necessary. I really need to learn when to put down the hot glue gun.

IMG_9078 crafting zombie


Otherwise, life’s been good and I’ve been trying to make some new critters. Key word being “trying.” The short ‘n chubby limbless look has been working out pretty well for me so far, but I kind of want to change things up and add limbs to my critters. The only thing is that I’m picky about how they look, so the trial and error is going to be a long process. Because dammit, sometimes my critters need arms and legs! They’ve been limbless for too long. Otherwise, how’s life for all you geeks out there?


One thought on “SIGNS OF LIFE!

  1. Calvin T. says:

    I like your limbless critters just fine but as the owner of a set of your GoT Sigil Creatures I will say that you are correct and sometimes they just need limbs!

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