Happy Valentine’s Day!

business zombie vday copyFlowers for me?? Oh, you shouldn’t have…oh wait, you want me to take your arm with it? You…uh, ok. Thanks. Just to be clear, you realize that Valentine’s day is NOT a day for you to EAT people’s hearts, right?

I don’t like Valentine’s day. I really don’t. I fall squarely in the category of people who feel like it’s a corporate holiday, how it cheapens the concept of love, blah blah BLAH. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Christmas grump, and I’m definitely a Valentine’s day grump too, even when I’m in a relationship (apparently I just don’t do holidays very well unless it’s Halloween or Thanksgiving).

BUT…that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate love either way. I just feel like it should be celebrated rest of the 364 days out of the year too. But hell, if there’s a day to bring it further to the forefront, then dammit, let’s celebrate. Celebrate your love for your significant other if you’re in a relationship. Celebrate your love for brains if you’re a zombie. Celebrate your love for time and space travel if you’re a Time Lord. Love doesn’t have to be romantic love, so celebrate what you love, not because Hallmark tells you to, but because you freaking LOVE it. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. 🙂



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