Last two critters and FINAL ADOPTION LINEUP!

Alright guys, I cranked out two more critters over the weekend, thus rounding out my adoption lineup! Since I’m short on time I’ll have to recycle photos from last year, but hell, it’s the same critters (and I’ve already recycled a few photos anyway). Say hello to the final two critters of the SDCC 2014 adoption lineup!

IMG_3636 edit

Captain ‘MURICA!


And a little blue totoro! Last year I made a grey one. This year it’s blue because I ran out of grey yarn. 😛

And to recap who else is coming along with me to Comic-Con this year:

Deadpool 1


H J & Batman

Joker, Harley Quinn, and Batman

doctor group

An Ood, the 11th Doctor, and an Adipose

spock 2014

Ahoy, Spock!


Two minions made by my friend James (these can also be purchased through his etsy store!)

Man of Steel

A little Man of Steel

chewie leia 2014

And Princess Leia and Chewie.

That rounds me out at 15 critters! How about a final yearbook photo? Yeah, that’d be cool.

sdcc 2014 yearbook

Alright kiddos, squeeze in! No, really, squeeze in because my camera frame can only fit so many of you.

The hunt is upon us! Don’t forget to read here for details on how the drops will work. Let’s get these little buggers lots of happy homes!


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