Critterdrop 2014: The final critter roundup!

Another year, another round of critterdrops! This year I went to San Diego Comic-Con with 15 critters in tow. Here’s where they all ended up, in the order that they were dropped:

  1. Minion #1:
    lost minion
    Kind of a bummer to start my drops, I haven’t heard back on this little troublemaker yet! If you or someone you know has him, please let me know!
  2. Captain America:
    Adopted - Captain AmericaSTATUS: Found! He’ll be going back and forth between California and Arizona! I love that she’s rocking a captain America shirt in the picture.
  3. Adipose:
    adopted - Adipose
    STATUS: Found! The little fat baby will be hanging around in San Diego!
    Side note: The adipose’s adoptive momma is looking to trade for another critter! If any of you other adopters are interested, let her know!
  4. The Ood:
    Haven’t heard back on this little dude either. If you or someone you know has him, please let me know!
  5. Totoro:
    Adopted - TotoroSTATUS: Found! He’s coming back to Texas and will have a new home in Dallas!
  6. 11th Doctor:
    adopted - doctor
    STATUS: Found! He’s coming back home to Houston!
  7. Spock:
    adopted - SpockSTATUS: Found! He’ll be beaming over to Galena, Illinois!
  8. Batman:
    adopted - batmanSTATUS: 
    Found! He’ll be bringing justice to LA! I should also point out that this dude gave the best adoption announcement ever…no “Yay! I found it!” or “Got Batman!” Just “NANANANANANANANA BAT MAN!!!” And dammit, that’s plenty good enough for me.
  9. Joker:

    No pic to go with this one, but shoot, a tweet is good enough! That means Joker and Batman are both going to California! Sounds like trouble to me!

  10. Minion #2:
    adopted - minion #2STATUS: 
    Found! Going back to Houston!
  11. Harley Quinn:
    adopted - Harley Quinn
    STATUS: Found! With a new in Los Angeles! Which means, Batman, Joker, AND Harley Quinn are all going to California. SUPER TROUBLE. I love it.
  12. Princess Leia:
    Adopted - Leia
    Found! With a new home in Voorhees, NJ! I’m always happy to see some more east coast adoptions.
  13. Superman:
    adopted - Superman
    Found! He’ll be saving the day around California! Hell, he might band together with Batman and make their own mini Justice League.
  14. Chewbacca:
    lost- chewieSTATUS: MISSING
    I never heard back on this little wookiee! If you or someone you know has him, please let me know!
  15. Deadpool:
    adopted - deadpoolSTATUS:
    Found! And he’s going all the way to TAIPEI, TAIWAN! I got so incredibly giddy to see my first international adoption in Asia! Great way to end my round of critter drops this year!

In the end that makes 12/15 successful adoptions!! That’s an 80% turnout! Woohoo! It’s still not the 100% that I keep crossing my fingers for (I came SO close last year with just one missing critter), but dammit, that’s an amazing number of critters who will be getting new homes. If you or anyone you know has minion #1, the Ood, or lil’ Chewie, let me know! Otherwise THANK YOU again to everyone who joined the hunt, and if the odds are in my favor, I’ll hopefully be doing this again next year!


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