Critterdrop talkback: Tell me what I can do to improve!

Alright guys, lay it on me. I’m looking for constructive feedback on how I can make things better with the critterdrops! Aside from making more critters, that is. There’s only so much that my hands can handle. Otherwise here’s a few questions of my own, so sound off!

  1. The #critterdrop hashtag. Did it help? I guess I can’t see how it would’ve been detrimental to the experience, but it also wasn’t a huge hassle for me one way or another to add a hashtag.
  2. Load times for clues. I know I don’t have any power over the data connection at Comic-Con, but last year I posted video clues and the issue of load times was brought up. This year I did photos only. Hopefully they worked out? I’d love to do video clues again because I can capture a wider view of where the critter is, but then again, you guys all seemed to do just fine with a single frame! 🙂
  3. Written locations. I’m TERRIBLE with directions. RIDICULOUSLY terrible with them. I’m the type of idiot who once gave someone directions to meet somewhere and somehow got lost based on my own directions. That being said, how were the written location clues? It seems like they were decent enough considering how quickly a lot of the critters were found, but I just want to make sure I wasn’t completely wrong on some of them.
  4. Hiding spots. I’m sure this is a big one. I’m still amazed at how my hiding spots have evolved over the years. I started out leaving my critters out in the open because I had zero followers and was relying on random passing people to stumble upon them. Now I have to hide them better because people are finding them too fast! The problem with trying to get trickier hiding spots is that there’s so much foot traffic at Comic-Con that there’s only so much I can do without people noticing me doing something strange (“why is there a girl digging under that couch?”) or crossing into places that I’m not supposed to be in. Any suggestions on this?

Otherwise if any of you have anything else to suggest, let me know! I’m always looking to see how I can make my drops better! Here’s to hoping for more drops next year!


2 thoughts on “Critterdrop talkback: Tell me what I can do to improve!

  1. U. says:

    I think it went pretty smoothly this year! The adoptions seemed to happen a lot quicker because there were more followers (which is awesome!). But it’s quite unfortunate that some adoptions were not accounted for. Some suggestions in regards to hiding spots:
    * Make the adoptions more challenging: Puzzles? Cryptic messages? Besides being quick on their feet, adopters will have to be quick-witted. For instance, if you plan on doing a drop at 2PM on Saturday, take a photo of one of signing schedules and tell people that a drop will happen at one of the following times. When 2 PM comes around, just tweet that the drop occurred and give a basic description of where it is (e.g. “spider-man is waiting for his friend, Black cat” – since B is the only capitalized letter, spider-man will be hidden somewhere in front of the B entrance).
    * Where’s Waldo: Perhaps have a Geeky Hooker Street Walker (name can be changed) to help you out. You and him/her can agree upon when and where to be for the drop. When you tweet out the drop, just post a photo of who (or what) to look for in a general location. Once “Waldo” has been found, the adopter will take a photo with him/her, so this definitely guarantees an accounted adoption. Bonus points if he/she dresses up!
    — I would totally be willing to do this: dress up as Spider-man, wander the con, and help with an adoption of a critter. OOohhhhhhh I could then say: “Your friendly neighborhood Spider-man.”

    • Geeky Hooker says:

      This is BRILLIANT advice. Thanks so much for this! Love the idea of using clues instead of straight out telling people where the critters are. I always worry about making it TOO tricky, but you’re right, it looks like my hunters are quick AND smart, I should work on that. 🙂

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