Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.

Since my accomplice Urian is an awesome person, it only seemed right that he gets a critter or two as thanks for helping me out with my drops this year in San Diego. When I asked him what he would like, he suggested Luffy from One Piece. To which my mental reaction was “Awesome! Wait, who?”

So yeah, I don’t watch One Piece. Never have. But it’s a fun challenge to make characters that I’m not familiar with, and considering that Urian put on a freaking banana suit to do a dance-off for little Star Lord, if the man wants a Luffy, he gets a Luffy. I did a bit of research, and here’s what I’ve got!


All hail the feared pirate Luffy!

Luffy hat

I personally would have preferred a classic tricorn hat for pirate headwear, but the straw hat suits him just fine.

Luffy box

Behold! A treasure chest!

Luffy money

Awwww yiss, diamonds and money!

Luffy infinity & ring copy

…and an ugly glove and a ring with some weird writing on it. Probably nothing important. And it’s still not the One Piece that will make him the pirate king. AWAY WITH THIS GARBAGE.

Luffy flag

Ladies and gentlemen, the future king of pirates. He might want to watch a few episodes of Antiques Roadshow to see what’s actually valuable and what’s not.

Little Luffy, to set sail for San Francisco Cupertino! Thanks again for all your help, Urian!


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