When I initially asked Urian what characters he wanted as thanks for his help with this year’s adoptions at SDCC, he gave me a few choices to pick from. He put a lot of time and effort into coming up with ideas for the drops, and his girlfriend was a huge help too, so I decided “screw it, they get TWO!” One of the other items he threw out was a Moogle from Final Fantasy. Now that’s something I AM familiar with, even if the only Final Fantasy game I’ve ever played extensively was a bootleg PC copy of FFVII back in the day. Who could forget those cute little buggers with the antennae on their heads?

Moogle 2


Moogle carrot

This…this is not a kupo nut. WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE?

The little moogle’s on its way to California along with little Luffy as we speak! Safe travels, little friend. Hopefully you’ll get those kupo nuts you were looking for.


One thought on “Kupo!

  1. Jenny - thegeekyknit (@riley_jl) says:

    oh oh he looks AMAZING well done 🙂 Moogle’s are so so very adorable – I actually wrote an amigurumi crochet pattern for one a few month’s ago, based on the moogle’s featured in Kingdom Hearts 🙂 I have to say though, FFIX is my favourite FF game 🙂 jenny xx

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