Keeping an eye on things

I’ve got a third critter to take with me to San Francisco this weekend! You could say he’s got…a vision. And a keen eye for detail. It’s enough to make anyone green with envy. Ok, ok, I’ll see myself out.

Mike SF

It’s Mike Wazowski!


That rounds it out to three critters that I’ll be taking with me to San Francisco: Anger, Baymax, and Mike.


Baymax SF


Be sure to read this post for a general idea of how the drops will work if you plan on hunting this weekend! A few quick reminders:

  • I’ll be in town 11/6-11/9, but I only plan on doing drops 11/6-11/8.
  • I’ll only be dropping one critter a day
  • Drops will most likely be in touristy spots since I’m visiting as a tourist! Sorry!

Otherwise I fly out tomorrow morning! Looking forward to eating everything in sight and hoping for some successful critter adoptions. 🙂 Happy hunting!


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