“Say my name.”

Temperatures here in Houston haven’t gotten nearly cold enough to call it winter, but someone is still carrying some ice.

Heisenberg copy

“I am the one who knocks.”

I don’t make many things for myself. Out of all the things that I’ve made over the past five years of crocheting, the number of critters that I’ve kept for myself is still in the single digits. But when my co-worker asked me for a little Heisenberg, I knew I had to make one for myself too. I LOVED Breaking Bad. I loved and hated Walter White throughout the show’s run. I loved Jesse Pinkman and my heart broke for him over and over again. I LOVED Gus Fring and his cold, calculating ways without being too “Bond villain”-ish. I didn’t watch it while it was on the air, but I binged it like crazy once the final season aired and finished all five seasons in three weeks. It would’ve been two weeks if I hadn’t taken a trip to New York City within that time. I still miss the show. I was skeptical about Better Call Saul, but I was hooked immediately and it was like old friends had come back to visit. Needless to say, anything having to do with Breaking Bad was going to be a keeper for me.

Heisenberg baggie 2 copy

“Tight, tight, tight, YEAH! Blue, yellow, pink, whatever man, just keep bringing me that.”

Heisenberg science copy

YEAH, SCIENCE!” – Contrary to popular belief, Jesse never says “SCIENCE, BITCH!”

Heisenberg bald copy

You could say he’s a man of science who hung up his hat for his family.

Walter White, ready to join the ranks in my small personal collection! Hoping to start on San Diego Comic-Con critters within the next month or two!

P.S. Did anyone else think that the Heisenberg sketch looked like the Mobile, Alabama leprechaun sketch?



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