Whispers from a little bird

So you’re on the fence about ordering my book Literary Yarns. You like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby looks fashionably fabulous in yarn form, and Napoleon from Animal Farm looks terrifyingly squishy. But it’s still missing something for you. Where’s the darker stuff? The kind of stuff that drives madness into your soul by repeatedly reminding of your past and implying that there’s no hope for your future? Fear not, if that’s what’s holding you back then we’ve got you covered.



For once upon a midnight dreary, a little birdy from the folks at Quirk Books told me that the pattern for this little chubster will be given for free to anyone who pre-orders my book, from any retailer! Just email a photo or a screenshot of your receipt to marketing@quirkbooks.com with the subject line “LITERARY YARNS PRE-ORDER” to snag your free pattern! Click here for full details. Get your free pattern and you’ll have this broody little dude to stalk you from your shelf in no time.


6 thoughts on “Whispers from a little bird

  1. Marinda Carlson says:

    I ordered the book Thursday and sent the email- any idea how long it should take to receive a reply?

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