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You’ll float too. YOU’LL FLOAT TOO.

When it comes to horror movies, I’ve got a VERY narrow range between what I enjoy and what I can handle. Slasher films? Meh. Dark and twisted narratives with a few scares peppered in? Love it. SUPER twisted shit that’ll … Continue reading

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“Börk börk börk!”

I’m still feeling stunned from Harvey last week, and I wasn’t even directly affected by the storm, but the sooner I can get back to your regular crochet programming, the better! Please continue to donate and help out, and for … Continue reading

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F*ck you, Harvey

I’m safe, my friends and family are safe. My parents are now in a mandatory evacuation area, but otherwise so far so good. Hopefully it stays that way. I’ve been extremely lucky during this storm. I’ve had some street flooding, … Continue reading

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FINALLY. After over a year of slowly working on these guys on and off, I’m finally done! BEHOLD! THE DYNAMIC DUO. It’s Rick and Morty! And they’re ready to get schwifty: The toughest part about making these guys? Rick’s bald … Continue reading

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It ain’t over ’til the last critter drops

Alright, let’s talk about this year’s critter drops. Forty-nine. Forty. Nine. Drops. The most I’ve EVER brought on my own was fifteen, so this was quite literally over 3 times more than my heaviest haul in seven years. But dammit, … Continue reading

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SDCC 2017: The recap!

If last year was an off year for me at SDCC, then this year more than made up for it. A lot of it was due to luck, some of it was due to experience, but most of it was … Continue reading

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Phew. I’m still slightly bummed that I wasn’t able to make as many critters as I wanted to this year due to a hand injury, but I’ve got seven little buddies of my own to take with me to Comic-Con … Continue reading

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Some kind of wonderful

I DID IT! I managed to squeeze out one more critter to drop at Comic-Con next week! This was a project that was started long ago, but then I injured my hand and had to put this on delay. I … Continue reading

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Plan on looking for a critter? Here’s what you need to know: 2017 edition

COMIC-CON APPROACHES!! Which means the hunt will be starting soon! I’m a stubborn hooker and even though I’m still recovering from my hand injury, I’m hoping to crank out one more critter before I leave for San Diego (taking it … Continue reading

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Holy crap you guys. I put out an open call to anyone who wanted me to drop art for them at Comic-Con since I wasn’t going to be able to make as many critters as I wanted to this year, … Continue reading

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