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Castle of Dreams: Studio Ghibli art show

Over the weekend I had some of my work up at the Castle of Dreams: Studio Ghibli tribute art show. It was a small and casual art show, with over 200 pieces of work on display in all kinds of media, … Continue reading

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Got plans this weekend? Come see my work!

At first I thought I wasn’t going to be able to participate in this, but with a hail Mary last minute e-mail and some generosity on the part of the people running the show, I’ll have some works up at … Continue reading

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Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.

Since my accomplice Urian is an awesome person, it only seemed right that he gets a critter or two as thanks for helping me out with my drops this year in San Diego. When I asked him what he would … Continue reading

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Obviously I’m not even trying anymore with the titles of my posts. It’s a Friday night, and I’m at work. I already had a few photos uploaded, so I’m just going to release two more critters, because why the hell … Continue reading

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No, little fishie, you can NOT have any ham.

My friend Celina and I share many interests, one of which is Miyazaki films. However, there’s one particular movie that we’ve agreed to disagree on: She loves Ponyo. I don’t. Did I miss something? I was REALLY excited to see … Continue reading

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Turning lead into gold. Or something like that.

So the little critter that was giving me grief because of his long flowy hair last week? It’s done! And it’s already been handed off to the intended party, so public photos will no longer spoil the surprise. 🙂 Everyone … Continue reading

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Miyazaki All-Stars!

Oh man. I love Miyazaki movies. I loved them when I was a kid, and I love them even more now that I can appreciate just how delightfully gorgeous and charming his films are. So of course I had to … Continue reading

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Ok, so maybe it’s not quite the same thunder-inducing character: “SUPREME THUNDER!!” Thundercats, Sailor Jupiter, eh, details. If only I had a tesla coil to give this photo the full effect. Sigh. At any rate, I’m slowly working on some … Continue reading

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A LOOOONG while back, one of my friends had asked me to crochet Kon from Bleach for him, after seeing the “full sized” Kon that I made for my boyfriend: NEEEE-CHAN!! As much as I’d love to make another full-sized … Continue reading

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My adoption center endeavor

So…I recently picked up a crocheting habit. And I recently went to Comic-Con. Sooo…I put these two occurrences together and got something like this:   I made a lil’ man of steel and a caped crusader.   Along with Aquaman … Continue reading

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