BEHOLD. A GREAT BEAST ARISES. He’s come to terrorize your cities and maybe raid your kitchen. FEAR THE CHUBZILLA.

March monster 2

I’ve teamed up with Louie of Club Crochet and Louie’s Loops for his little monsters theme and designed this little chubster for everyone to make! Louie makes a lot of great stuff, and I’ve been referring people to him for years for commissions. Now he’s got a shiny new site Club Crochet to help new hookers learn to hook, and it’s pretty great! The pattern for little Chubzilla is available for free over at Club Crochet, all you need to do is sign up for an account for access to loads of other fun patterns and video tutorials!

March monster 1March monster 3

He might look menacing, but he just wants to share some cookies with you!

Animated GIF-downsized_large

Visit here to get the pattern to make a little Chubzilla of your own! Happy hooking!



I can crochet just fine, but I can’t sew worth crap. I’m a grown-ass woman who still needs mommy to help hem some pants, and my embroidery skills are okay at best. I started looking into cheapo sewing machines to learn with, when my friend Ellen was generous enough to give me hers!

Β 2047A6EB-7248-4A73-87E0-3FBD5D07ED77-0

It’s so pretty. And scary. WHAT TO DO.

I insisted on repaying her somehow, so I made her a little lucky cat!

Lucky Cat


Thanks again for the sewing machine, Ellen! Hopefully I don’t end up with a needle in my finger. May the little kitty bring you lots of good fortune!

P.S. Ellen does some cool work of her own! She’s well-traveled and takes cool photos. You can check out her cafe blog here.

Something old, something new, something crocheted, something blue

This is my best friend Vince:


He’s been my best bud since college, he’s my obnoxious brother from another mother, and somehow he managed to sucker a poor girl into marrying him. So when he asked if I could make some cake toppers for his big day, the answer was “Uh, DUH. OF COURSE I WILL.”

cake topper IMG_8956

A happy little bride and groom!

Okay, so Vince’s part is missing a giant orange foam finger. But whatever. Details, man. πŸ™‚

cake topper flower IMG_8975

Pretty flowers in a pretty bride’s hair.

The wedding’s next week in Puerto Rico and I couldn’t be more excited to see my best bud get hitched! Part of that excitement might be from the prospect of embarrassing him as much as possible with stories of his college hijinks. πŸ˜€ Super congrats, Vince and Theresa! Can’t wait to see you guys tie the knot!

Snail mail = smiles all around

Last summer at Comic-Con I met a kind gentleman who found one of my critters. Turns out he’s an illustrator for children’s books and he gave me a signed copy of one of his books.

IMG_2210 (Small)

Several weeks ago, I got a lovely card in the mail from him:


And what did I find inside?



I especially love the ones of the ninja and the wild thing from Where the Wild Things Are.


Who doesn’t love some 8-bit fun now and then? You can check out more of Hilary’s work at his blog and at Thanks for the stickers, Hilary! πŸ™‚

No, little fishie, you can NOT have any ham.

My friend Celina and I share many interests, one of which is Miyazaki films. However, there’s one particular movie that we’ve agreed to disagree on:

What the hell, I didn’t remember Matt Damon being part of the English cast?

She loves Ponyo. I don’t. Did I miss something? I was REALLY excited to see it when it was released. It had aΒ rating of 92%Β on Rotten Tomatoes. Roger Ebert gave it 4 stars. I was ready to be thrilled by another adventure through fantastical worlds and quirky little creatures that only Hayao Miyazaki could conjure. Instead I sat through 1.5 hours of a little girl shrieking “HAM!!” (it got old really fast) and watched a mother give Honey Boo Boo’s mom a run for her money for parent of the year by nonchalantly abandoning two 5 year-olds in a dangerous flood (“You’re a big boy now! Buh-bye!”). WTF? Miyazaki films tend to have their eccentric moments, but usually it’s all those little oddities that make them so endearing. This one was just BIZARRE. And what the hell was going on in that one scene with the baby? I couldn’t find the clip to show to everyone, but for anyone who’s seen the movie…you know the one I’m talking about. Face. Assaulted.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from making a little Ponyo. Because Celina rocks that much. πŸ˜€



ponyo bucket

Ponyo, hanging out in her little green bucket. Before she goes into that awkward in-between frog-fish-human hybrid mode as she morphs into girl-Ponyo.

Ponyo ramen


Never did understand that obsession with the ham. The kid hasn’t even tried bacon yet. That shit will change your life. Nevertheless, I can say I’ve got another Miyazaki critter under my belt!

Ponyo adapted from the free pattern by Anne Gee White!


Can’t say I’ve ever tried crocheting a rock star before, but hey, there’s a first for everything.

Gene 1

Made this little dude for a co-worker as a birthday gift. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I love how The Demon’s face translated into crochet form. He just looks so…stupid. In a good way.

Gene 2


Rock on, little demon. Rock on.

“It’s a magical world.”

I’m not a morning person. AT ALL. But one of the few things I liked to do in the mornings before going to school in my teenage years was to read through the comics section of the newspaper over breakfast before setting off for the day. Calvin and Hobbes was one of my favorites, and I still remember clipping out the last strip that ever ran before Bill Watterson retired.


So when my friend asked me if I could make a little Hobbes for her husband as a Christmas gift, it was pretty much an immediate “HOLY CRAP, HOBBES, YES!” After doing a bit of research and using some elbow grease, a little mischievous tiger was released.

hobbes head

hobbes 2

He nosed through my things…

Hobbes box copy

Raided my pantry…

Hobbes cookies

That was my girl scout cookie stash, you jerk!

Hung around in random places…

hobbes hanging

And just made a big mess in general.

Hobbes mess

It’s a magical world out there, and he definitely did his share of exploration before landing in the hands of my friend’s hubby on Christmas day. πŸ™‚

Bill Watterson was (and still is) adamant about not commercializing his work. He felt that it cheapened the value of his characters and took away the spirit behind his work, which is why no Calvin and Hobbes toys were ever produced. He could have become rich from merchandising, but he felt that the integrity of his work mattered beyond any money he could have made from T-shirts and mugs:

“Characters lose their believability as they start endorsing major companies and lend their faces to bedsheets and boxer shorts. The appealing innocence and sincerity of cartoon characters is corrupted when they use those qualities to peddle products. One starts to question whether characters say things because they mean it or because their sentiments sell T-shirts and greeting cards. Licensing has made some cartoonists extremely wealthy, but at a considerable loss to the precious little world they created.”

I feel like a lot of us could learn a thing or two from Mr. Watterson’s philosophy. Keep your heart in your work, and most of all, keep exploring.