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I can crochet just fine, but I can’t sew worth crap. I’m a grown-ass woman who still needs mommy to help hem some pants, and my embroidery skills are okay at best. I started looking into cheapo sewing machines to … Continue reading

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Something old, something new, something crocheted, something blue

This is my best friend Vince: He’s been my best bud since college, he’s my obnoxious brother from another mother, and somehow he managed to sucker a poor girl into marrying him. So when he asked if I could make … Continue reading

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Snail mail = smiles all around

Last summer at Comic-Con I met a kind gentleman who found one of my critters. Turns out he’s an illustrator for children’s books and he gave me a signed copy of one of his books. Several weeks ago, I got … Continue reading

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No, little fishie, you can NOT have any ham.

My friend Celina and I share many interests, one of which is Miyazaki films. However, there’s one particular movie that we’ve agreed to disagree on: She loves Ponyo. I don’t. Did I miss something? I was REALLY excited to see … Continue reading

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Can’t say I’ve ever tried crocheting a rock star before, but hey, there’s a first for everything. Made this little dude for a co-worker as a birthday gift. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I love how … Continue reading

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“It’s a magical world.”

I’m not a morning person. AT ALL. But one of the few things I liked to do in the mornings before going to school in my teenage years was to read through the comics section of the newspaper over breakfast … Continue reading

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A gift that’s meant to be broken

My dear friend Linda loves penguins. She also loves the color purple. So when I first started crocheting 2 years ago, one of the first things I made was a little purple penguin for her: Unfortunately, some assholes decided to … Continue reading

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Little monsters (not the Lady GaGa kind)

Last week, my friend Thomas proposed a trade. Thomas happens to be an awesome photographer. He also happens to like my lil’ critters. So he asked to swap a framed print for a critter or two. 🙂 How cool is … Continue reading

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Need to tweet at me? Here’s my card.

Linda’s in town! I really don’t get to see her enough, but when we do meet up, we make it count. 🙂 Since she was in Houston for the holidays, we met up yesterday to play catch-up and exchange gifts. … Continue reading

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