Life beyond the wall

In a land far, far, away, in the far, far, north, there’s a wall. And beyond that wall there’s a dude. And he’s constantly longingly looking over that wall.

white walker wall

His name is Willie, and the poor guy spends his days and nights hanging around on the other side of this wall, keeping watch.

white walker watch

It’s really cold north of the wall, but he doesn’t notice. It’s also really boring north of the wall, and he DOES notice. And for some reason the people on the other side of the wall don’t want him around, when all he wants to do is take a quick visit. People seem to think he’s got ulterior motives…

White walker throne

Like trying to take over the seven kingdoms. Which JUST ISN’T TRUE. And it’s super frustrating to him, because he’s really not trying to take over the realm…

white walker frap

Because all Willie the White Walker wants is a FREAKING MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO, OKAY?? Just because it’s ice-cold up behind the wall doesn’t mean they’ve got anything close to decent coffee up there. So can someone PLEASE let him out to the other side so someone can write his name on the cup as “Wilfred”?

white walker

So there you have it. White Walkers need overly sugary caffeinated drinks too. Find him at SDCC and he’s yours! 🙂

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The Geeky Hooker


“Blood of my blood.”

House Targaryen
“Fire and Blood.”

Dragons. Mother effin’ DRAGONS, man. I don’t think I need to say much more about House Targaryen aside from that. 🙂 I can’t say I’m 100% pleased with the way this lil’ guy turned out, but hey, there’s a first for everything. 🙂

Can’t they all just get along?

nahhhhh. I think the Lannisters have pulled enough crap that it’d be hard for them to get along with anyone at this point. 😛 Anyway, that’s it for the Game of Thrones critters! I might throw in House Greyjoy, but I’ve got a few things that I’m making for a swap for a friend, and then I REALLY need to get crackin’ on making some critters to drop off at Comic-Con in July!

Going stag

Another Game of Thrones critter done!

House Baratheon
“Ours is the Fury.”

A little stag, complete with the royal crown. Only time will tell if that crown will stay on or not. Or I could just keep on reading the books to find out instead of waiting on the rest of the show to finish. 😛 NO SPOILERS, PEOPLE.