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It’s that time of year.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now Christmas season is in full swing. I scowled when I saw Hobby Lobby putting up Christmas paraphernalia before Halloween even started. I just about ripped my car stereo out when our local soft-pop … Continue reading

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Wanna make a Grinch? Now you can!

Christmas has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a spirit of giving floating around. FOR BEHOLD! I HAVE A PATTERN FOR YOU ALL! Make a Grinch! I wrote up a pattern, and then I went to … Continue reading

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“Stink! Stank! Stunk!”

When it comes to holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving reign supreme in my books. Free candy! Fun costumes! Stuffing yourself silly until you pass out! So when it comes to Christmas, I’m somewhat of a scrooge. It’s not that Christmas has … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night I came back from sandy beaches in Puerto Rico to cold, wet weather in Houston, and now I’m here in even colder and wetter weather in Atlanta. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. This past weekend … Continue reading

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He lives in the shadows. He is the dark knight. And he’s the hero we deserve. But not the one we need right now… …because he kind of has a problem keeping track of his limbs. Poor business zombie. Yet … Continue reading

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“It’s a magical world.”

I’m not a morning person. AT ALL. But one of the few things I liked to do in the mornings before going to school in my teenage years was to read through the comics section of the newspaper over breakfast … Continue reading

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A gift that’s meant to be broken

My dear friend Linda loves penguins. She also loves the color purple. So when I first started crocheting 2 years ago, one of the first things I made was a little purple penguin for her: Unfortunately, some assholes decided to … Continue reading

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Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May you stuff yourself silly and remember that as much or as little as you have, there’s always something to be grateful for. Don’t eat me. Please? And with that, I leave everyone with a Thanksgiving classic: … Continue reading

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Giving thanks

THANKSGIVING IS COMING! For me, that means goofing off with my cousins, stuffing my face until it hurts (figuratively and literally), and eventually conking out on my aunt’s couch in a big heap of food-stuffed happiness. My family doesn’t kid … Continue reading

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Ah, Halloween. When you’re a kid, you get to dress up and get free candy. When you’re an adult, you get to go to fun costume parties. I freaking LOVE Halloween. Unfortunately it looks like the same can’t be said … Continue reading

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