She’s a head-turner!

I was really hoping to finish this girl before Halloween, but I guess cutting it close is still better than being late! My book Literary Yarns features a pattern for a “transforming” Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde with a rotating head, and I’ve had several people suggest that I should use the same technique to make a little Regan from the Exorcist. I LOVED the idea (creepy-cute critters are my favorite kinds to make!), but I never got around to making it a reality until now.

Regan-6653 copy

Regan-6669 copy

One of my favorite parts of making the creepy-cute characters is that I get to dirty them up! Regan wasn’t exactly wearing a robe fresh out of the laundry by the time her head was rotating around so I did her a favor and added a bit of grime.

Regan-6675 copy

And OF COURSE her head turns! What kind of person would I be if her head was only going to stay in one direction? Pffft.


She may have arrived on the scene at the last minute, but at least she showed up in time for Halloween! Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!


You’ll float too. YOU’LL FLOAT TOO.

When it comes to horror movies, I’ve got a VERY narrow range between what I enjoy and what I can handle. Slasher films? Meh. Dark and twisted narratives with a few scares peppered in? Love it. SUPER twisted shit that’ll make me lose sleep for months? Nope. NOPE. Bottom line is that I’m still a big ol’ chicken shit. I’ve grown to enjoy horror movies more, but all the horror movies I’ve watched have been at home, with friends, and with one light on somewhere. But the trailer for the “It” remake intrigued me enough. I wanted to see it because it looked good. I DIDN’T want to see it because it looked good.

Pennywise - teaser-5045 copy

“I’m every nightmare you’ve ever had.”

I’d never watched the original miniseries in its entirety before, so I thought I’d make up for lost time and fully watch the original before watching the remake. It’s pretty dated now, but one thing that doesn’t change is how FREAKY Tim Curry was as Pennywise the clown.

Pennywise-4998 copy

It’s not every day where a look of horror is the EXACT reaction that I want out of a critter I make. 😀

Pennywise - face detail-5032 copy

That red nose would be kind of darling if it weren’t for the whole “eating children” thing.

Pennywise - collar detail-5029

Pennywise could use some fashion advice, but on the other hand his outfit is nailing that whole “creepy ass sewer-dwelling murder clown” look.

Pennywise - clothing details-5065

One thing that was surprisingly difficult for me to find was the balloon. That damn balloon. I was planning on getting a little plastic balloon cake topper and calling it a day, but I couldn’t find one instore ANYWHERE. I tried looking for other alternatives, but in the end nothing beats the real deal. Turns out inflated water balloons did the trick perfectly.


As for the new movie: it was my first time seeing a horror movie in a theater. And it was FUN. Turns out horror movies are the one exception where it’s permissible to speak in a theater, because goodness knows there were plenty of times where I involuntarily uttered “oh HELL NO” at the screen before something happened. I won’t be stepping into a theater to watch The Conjuring anytime soon, but I’ll definitely be looking forward to It: Chapter 2. Until then this little guy will be around to terrorize me from my shelf!

Pennywise - white background-5018 copy

“We allll float down here.”