Taking a more literate approach

I decided to make things a little more literate and made some book-related critters!

“Once upon a midnight dreary…”

Say hi to the moody and mustachioed Edgar Allan Poe. 🙂 While I was making this lil’ guy, I realized that I’d actually never read The Raven. Or ANY of his stories, for that matter. And even though I’ve seen spoofs and other renditions of The Raven growing up (I definitely remember when The Simpsons interpreted it), I realized while I was making lil’ E.A.P. that I actually had NO clue what the story was about. Something about a bird. The word “Nevermore” being repeated over again. And a chick named Lenore? What was so spooky about the story again? So I took it upon myself to read it (hooray internet!)…super short version of the story: dude is being emo in his room over a girl named Lenore, a raven flies into his room while he’s brooding, constantly repeats the word “Nevermore,” and drives him nuts. The end. I could TOTALLY work for Sparknotes. 😀

“Et tu, Brute?”

Ah Caesar. Poor poor Julius Caesar. Stabbed by his own homies. BACKstabbed by his SUPER homie Brutus. That just sucks. And for a play named after him, he only shows up in 3 scenes! What’s up with that?? Poor little Caesar (I’m refraining from the pizza jokes) got the short end of the stick in so many ways. I REALLY wanted to put another bleeding knife in lil’ Caesar’s back, but I only had one little plastic sword to work with! We’ll just have to pretend this is a pre-Brutus stabbing Caesar. 🙂

This rag of scarlet cloth,- for time and wear and a sacrilegious moth had reduced it to little other than a rag,- on careful examination, assumed the shape of a letter.”

Oh, Hester Prynne. If she were to watch an episode of Jersey Shore or 16 and Pregnant, I think the poor girl’s head would explode. “Wait what? These girls get pregnant out of wedlock and they get fame and money? But I have to wear this badge of shame for LIFE?? WTF.” Don’t worry little Hester, we’re all shaking our heads too.

Oh, and they’re all up for adoption!

I’ve tucked them into the shelves of their own corresponding books at a local bookstore. Awaiting replies! I’m hoping these lil’ guys will get good homes! 🙂

UPDATE: Little Caesar (Pizza pizza! ok, I couldn’t resist) has been found!

Looks like he made a few new friends while he was at it. Thanks for taking him in, @alexanderwang! 🙂 Still no word on Hester Prynne or Edgar Allan Poe!