Critters across borders: new and improved!

My friend Celina gave me a suggestion to have my critters across borders map populate a photo of the critter when the cursor lands on the location. And with the magic of google maps, it was done. 🙂 I’ve differentiated between confirmed adopted homes (places that confirmed adopted critters have been taken home to – indicated by blue markers) and drop-off locations with unconfirmed adoption statuses (places where the critters were dropped off, but never heard from again – indicated by yellow markers), complete with clickable cursors with photos of said critters. 🙂 Check out the new map!



Critters across borders

No breaking news today (as if crocheting could bring anything groundbreaking to begin with, ha!), just thought I’d mention that I’ve added a new page: Critters across borders.

It’s a map marking where my adopted critters have gone! So far they’ve all stayed in North America (one ended up in Mexico!)…maybe someday I’ll be able to expand that map. 🙂