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Food, Magic, Purple Zone-outs, and Critters

Oh, New York City. I keep going back because I love the place so damn much. There’s so much happening at any given moment. I went back for another trip, stuffed my face, visited a few spots that I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Critters in New York, 2017 edition!

I’m heading to New York City for a weekend vacation this coming Thursday! And I’ve decided to take some critters with me! Almost the entire Marvel Universe is based in New York City, so it was only appropriate that I … Continue reading

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Gear for the littlest heroes

A few weeks ago I got an email from a staff member of WhedonCon, a charitable fan convention that celebrates all things Joss Whedon. She told me that she organizes an event called WhedonKnit Nights, where people come together to … Continue reading

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A very odd physician walks into the universe…

I’m about two weeks late on this, but after a close call with Suicide Squad I’m back to my rule of making new critters only AFTER its source material has been released and vetted. BEHOLD! THE DOCTOR IS IN! I … Continue reading

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Guest critters, ready to go!

No new critters from me at the moment, but I’ve received an incoming transmission for a set of guest critters that will be up for grabs at San Diego Comic-Con! They’re made by Gina all the way out in the … Continue reading

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Tony vs. Steve. Iron vs. Vibranium.

BEHOLD! Two more critters ready for San Diego Comic-Con! First it was Batman vs. Superman, now we’ve got another battle between Iron Man and Captain America. Apparently 2016 is the year where a lot of superheroes they got real tired … Continue reading

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Looking for love? Look no further.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it’s time for a little romance up in here. Let’s play a game, shall we? Three lucky bachelors, looking for love! Let’s meet these dapper gentlemen: Bachelor #1: Has elvish good looks. Likes … Continue reading

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The hipster and his houseplant

BEHOLD! The final two critters for this year’s SDCC adoption lineup! Say hi to Peter. Or Star Lord. I don’t know, he just likes to be cool and pick names for himself. He usually rocks out to an oldschool Sony … Continue reading

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Wanna fight? How about we taco ’bout it first?

Last year I made a little Deadpool for SDCC, but I thought he was missing something… Maybe if we let him eat something he’ll be happier… “OHHHHHH YEAHHHH!!!!!” “Justice with a side of guac”? SOLD. If there’s one thing Deadpool … Continue reading

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Yet another critter for Comicpalooza!

You know what? Because I’m a glutton for punishment and I like you guys so much, I made another critter to drop at Comicpalooza! Sorry Spidey. Houston’s skyscrapers aren’t quite as climb-able, but I’m sure they’ll do. That’ll make a … Continue reading

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