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Suicide Squad: Better than Dawn of Justice, but FAR from being Guardians of the Galaxy.

Alright, so I watched Suicide Squad over the weekend. Remember when I made that little Harley Quinn for Comic-Con? I spent a lot of time on that little bugger. And it made me nervous. I normally wait until the movie … Continue reading

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The hooker got hitched!

Ahoy! Yes, there’s been some radio silence around here, but I like to think it was for a pretty good reason: I got married! I’m still waiting on photos from my photographers, but in the meantime I had to share … Continue reading

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VERDICT: No free dress for me, but TONS of love for all of you!

Holy crap guys. So that wedding dress contest I was spamming everyone about? HOLY CRAP guys. No, I didn’t win the dress. Two other runners-up had a final push and I ended up in 3rd place by the time voting … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Voting has closed, and it looks like the two other runners-up got a final push in the last hour and I landed in third. Whew! Unfortunately it looks like no free dress for me, but it was a fun race! … Continue reading

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Aloha, Stitch! Stitch has been hanging around here, but he doesn’t quite have an ohana yet. I know we don’t have the crystal-clear beaches of Hawaii, and the weather here in Houston has been pretty dreary… But worry not, my … Continue reading

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Hi! I’m not dead! Just uber-busy. Turns out they weren’t kidding when they say planning a wedding is practically a full time job in itself. Throw in the fact that I’m a stubborn DIY type and I end up creating … Continue reading

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The dirty thirty

Today’s a day I’ve been dreading for a while. Today I kiss my 20’s goodbye. But dammit, WHY do I need to be so anxious about turning 30? What’s with this weird self-imposed sense of doom just because I’ve managed … Continue reading

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Something old, something new, something crocheted, something blue

This is my best friend Vince: He’s been my best bud since college, he’s my obnoxious brother from another mother, and somehow he managed to sucker a poor girl into marrying him. So when he asked if I could make … Continue reading

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Dye-ing to know…

So when I go on long crocheting marathons, I wear this hideously ugly “comfort glove.” Lookit that skin-tone hawtness. Yup. Pretty freakin’ ugly, and I never wear it if I’m crocheting out in public. I’ve been hoping to maybe dye … Continue reading

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In an effort to prevent carpal tunnel…

So this probably isn’t what everyone wants to hear (especially after everything that’s happened at Comic-Con!), but I’m gonna take a break. Not a particularly long break – just a few weeks – but a break nonetheless. Because after a … Continue reading

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